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Chiltern Challenge

Chiltern Challenge Ultra – running 50k in memory of my mum

My mum passed away just days before my first ultra.

I fought with myself over whether I should still run it. There will be plenty of races in the future. You should be with your dad and brother, helping each other get through this.

But then, I remembered the last time I spoke to mum. I knew I had to go for it.

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My first 50k – The Chiltern Challenge

I’ve been a huge fan of The Ginger Runner and Billy Yang for a while now. Both are excellent runners as well as filmmakers and their GoPro isn’t ever too far away when they’re out for a run. A long time subscriber of their YouTube channels, I find myself eagerly looking forward to their next adventure – more often than not featuring amazing mountain scenery, glorious trails and regular guest appearances by some of the Ultrarunning elite.

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