I’ve been following the digital breadcrumbs to find out more about the premise and backstory of Capcom’s new game ‘Remember Me’.

I first came across it in the form of a video by Devin Supertramp who produced a clip with scenes from his own body of work, voiced by Antoine Cartier-Wells, the founder of a corporation that has developed the technology to read, mine, monitise, remix and replace people’s memories.

I follow Devin’s work through Facebook and Twitter and was checking out some of his new stuff and decided to watch the ‘Remember Me’ clip again.

The clip now provides a link to Antoine’s Journal; an engrossing, interactive, multimedia fest of sci-fi firmly based on today’s social media obsessed world, that takes you from Antoine’s early years right through to 2083’s dystopian Neo Paris.

Antoine's Journal
Source: Antoine’s Journal

Further searching has lead me to Sensation Engine, a Tumblr from the perspective of Memorize’s founder that provides sketches and diagrams of the Sensen technology. Here again, Capcom tie in real-life events and scientific fact to give the game’s narrative a firmer base in reality and make the dystopian world of Neo-Paris that little bit more believable and frightening.

Source: Sensation Engine

Remember Me is available in Europe on June 7. Can’t wait.