Sainsbury’s Little Stories: The lovely Rachel from Internal Comms Consultancy AllThingsIC contacted me to say she really loved Sainsbury’s ongoing Switch the Fish campaign and how we were using colleagues to bring the campaign to life.

If you thought that was good, I thought, you should check out our Little Stories, Big Difference campaign, and pointed her to where Sainsbury’s colleagues from around the country star in a series of short films about Sainsbury’s values.

Long story short, Rachel wrote a lovely post about both of these colleague driven campaigns and you should read it. So off you go (but then you’re coming right back here for your weekly bits and bytes fix, m’kay?).

Also, we’ve just completed the second round of Little Stories films with the teams at @SAS_Creative and @Green_lions so stay tuned to the Little Stories page more values goodness.

#NoMakeUpSelfie: £2 million have been donated to Cancer Research UK since Tuesday – but nobody seems to know how our why women on the Internet suddenly decided to post photos of themselves without any make-up (my money’s on vanity, it’s the only way I can defend the generally male response trend of the #SelloTapeSelfie)

According to the BBC: “Most of the pictures are accompanied by phrases like “cure cancer” and “cancer awareness” but – at least to begin with – they weren’t associated with any specific goal or charity. This was not an orchestrated campaign.”

Cancer charities such as Cancer Research UK were quick to respond, acknowledging that the campaign wasn’t of their making, but encouraging people to continue and donate.

Honestly though: If a narcissistic trend on Twitter ends up having a massively positive consequence for the fight against cancer, I’m happy to take many, many more selfies.

Bits and bytes

Videos of the week

Duracell warms up freezing Canadians with a bus stop where passengers are required to lock hands to complete an electric circuit for the heating to switch on power the heating. A nifty, heartfelt stunt – and one that connects to the purpose of a battery to power something (HT @le_sion).

In London meanwhile, Pepsi Max also refurbed a bus stop to provide passengers a little entertainment. While very cool and perfectly executed, I’m not sure I see the link between Pepsi Max and ‘unbelievable moments’, other than that being the campaigns tag-line?

@Simonlp spent some time with the guys at YouTube this week. I caught up with him when he was back in the office and asked him about his top tip for YouTube content that would resonate with people. The one word answer was ‘authenticity’, followed up by an email with some links to filmmakers on YouTube who excel at this style: CaseyNeistat (you know, that dude who got a ticket for not riding his bike in the bike lane and decided to make a film about how impossible that actually was because of all the cars blocking the way)

J.Crew commissioned Casey to make a film about their Ludlow Traveler (that’s the name of a suit). It is a very cool film, reminiscent of Casey’s film for Nike’s #Makeitcount campaign.

And finally: Best. Vine. Ever.