Organic Valley is a mission-driven cooperative owned by family farmers. They’re about organic sourcing, working together with farmers and their customers.

“We believe that when people work together in the spirit of cooperation, we can create change and make a true difference in the world. That’s why we formed our cooperative 25 years ago, to produce food for our communities that honors the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth.”

Their website is as you’d expect: lot’s of happy farmers and cows, tools to find you farmer and reasons for why you should go organic.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 14.45.56

With their new 100% organic milk protein shakes, Organic Valley decided to go for a radically different tone of voice and launched their ‘Save the Bros‘ campaign.

The campaign site,, has all you need to get involved: the campaign film (600k views in less than a week – far more than any of their previous most popular films, even this quirky one of cows grazing to some festive jazz), social sharing buttons to get the message out on Facebook and Twitter, info on the product, even a ‘by one, bro one‘ coupon that allows you to get a free Organic Fuel for your bro – and of course, the save the bros merchandise.

My favourite feature however is a nifty Instagram gallery of photos with the hashtags #yoked, #swole, #jacked, #brolife and #bulkingseason – use of which being a possible sign that you’re a bro.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 15.01.57

I’ll leave you with this important message: In a world without bros, who will invite you to the gunshow?

Bits and bytes

  • Be my eyes, a fantastic app that connects blind with sighted people to help the visually impaired
  • Didn’t see this until after Valentine’s Day, Lego’s Unlikely Valentine’s collection
  • A great talk from earlier in the month by Clive Thompson about how the way you write changes the way you think: take notes by hand when receiving information, switch the keyboard when you’re creating information. Now, if you’re looking for a way to connect the paper and digital worlds, then Astropad might be for you
  • I enjoyed this piece on Shift Comms about whether or not PR can be automated (fear not PR bods, the answer is no). But it also includes this great explanation of the difference between earned and paid for influence:

“In advertising, when you put a dollar into the machine, you get a result. Put more dollars into the machine, get more results in a roughly linear relationship. The more you spend, the more you can get. Public relations, when done well, behaves in a more exponentialfashion. Get in front of the right influencer in the right channel and you can see massive returns.”

  • Another one for the PRs out there, especially for those on the war-path with AVEs or those still holding on to them as a tool for PR measurement. It just doesn’t make sense and here are 16 reason why you should ditch AVEs

Videos of the week

Excellent documentary by Vice on advertising legend George Lois – who, while he apparently wasn’t the inspiration for Mad Men’s Don Draper, could quite easily have been. Trailer below, full film here.

Marvellous effort by Mastercard Turkey who give a local 5-a-side game into the full Champions League treatment, including the scariest ref in the history of the game, Pierre Luigi Collina.

I’m currently nursing a bit of a dodgy knee – so watching this latest film from Asics encouraging people to run the world was difficult. It makes you want to lace up and head up the next best mountain. Bastards.

And finally

Mean Girls Art History