A long Bank Holiday weekend starting with the Royal Baby and ending with Star Wars Day.

You know I had to do a round-up of how brands reacted.

Also, imagine if Wills and Kate had named the new princess Leia…!

Talk about breaking the Internet.

May the 4th be with you

The nerdiest day of the year – very much an American thing, but one where UK brands are also starting to get in on the act. Here are some of my favourites:

And interesting tactic from Tesco, crossing over to The Dark Side with their Tweet on Star Wars Day Eve.

Little do they know… May the 5th is also known as ‘Return of the Fifth’

Royal Baby – finally

Social media bods around the world had to wait a week to be able to let lose their carefully planned, entirely spontaneous reactions to birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Here are some that caught my eye

Now, the above at least had some charm, some creativity.

But then you see how Boost Juice decided to ‘celebragte’ the new arrival to the Royal Family – impressive that this Tweet is still online, two days after being posted and after a helpful soul pointed out the spelling error. I can only assume that the social media team has enjoyed their Bank Holiday weekend…

Coke’s social media team forgets that it actually is a family of five. Poor Caffeine Free Coke… always get forgotten about.

Contrary to my into above, I doubt that these efforts took that long to plan and prepare. Or at least I hope they didn’t…

Dominos, rather then prepping two versions, just went with a generic Royal Baby-ish design and hoped things would happen in May.

I don’t even know what the heck is going on here.

And yes.

Even Farage got in on the act

Bits and bytes

Videos of the week

Marco Pierre White responds after Jamie Oliver showed us how to chop onions last week

A supercut of violence in Wes Anderson films

And finally

This is what happens when you ask the Internet to photoshop your holiday snaps