A film titled “Most Terrible Fatal Crash Ever” sounds horrible and I’d argue the people clicking through to it are there to see scenes of desctruction.

Only, it’s not. It’s boring. Nothing happens.

All you see is the view from a dashcam of a car cruising down a road somewhere in the Russian wilderness.

So you start skipping foward by moving your mouse along the bottom of the YouTube film, where you can then see scenes further down the line.

And as you do this, at the 3:25 mark, you see the car pull out into oncoming traffic to overtake the car in front and watch it drive head on into a massive lorry.

The screen goes black and the words ‘DON’T RUSH’ appear.

Perhaps it’s a bit too clever, but I enjoyed how BBDO spliced in slit second scenes that, played in isolation, provide you the gruesome crash the films title promises. And swiping through the preview bar could be seen as the YouTube equivalent of speeding. It clearly shows that BBDO not only understood exactly how the YouTube preview function works, but also how viewers would react to the disconnect between boring footage and the sensational headline.

They’d start scrolling, looking for the crash.

What do you think?

Also, not in the mood to scroll through? Here’s the full crash

Ryan finally eats his cereal

You’re likely to have seen this fabulous clip of Ryan Gosling refusing to eat his cereal

This series of Vine clips was made by filmmaker Ryan McHenry. Sadly, McHenry died recently due to osteosarcoma.

In response to this sad news, Gosling finally did eat his cereal.

Bits and bytes

  • PR Examples has pulled together a fantastic collection of General Election Tweets from brands
  • Mobile first? Singapore Airlines look like their going Wearable first with their newly released Apple Watch app – adapting many of the designs for the wrist-sized screen to their website
  • Nearly 40% of all text posted to Instagram contains at least one emoji in the photo caption. And as emoji use goes up, the use of Internet slang goes down
  • Twitter data shows that a few powerful users can control the conversation
  • Have an Apple Watch but no friends to send your heartbeat to? There’s a Subreddit for that: r/lonelyheartbeats

Videos of the week

A powerful ad for the Nobody’s Children Foundation. Brutally effective to make the audience feel connected to events on screen and possibly even complicit in sexually abusing a child.

Directors Andrey Alistratov and Hazuki Aikawa depict a world in which the iPhone 7 isn’t a device you put in your pocket; it is implanted straight into your head. Problem is… what happens when it malfunctions?

Nigella Lawson’s Golden Spaghetti Ringlets. Saucy.

And finally

Touch Pianist