POTUS joined Twitter (again) last week and his first Tweet quickly flew across the social networking platform. In fact, President Obama set a new record for reaching 1 million Twitter followers in five hours – it took previous record-holder Robert Downey Jr. 22 hours to hit 1 million followers.

The White House went all Inception on us and Tweeted a film of Obama sending his first Tweet perched on his desk in the Oval Office.’cos he’s a cool dude.

That cad Bill couldn’t resist joining in, obviously looking to score some points with the misses.

But you’re going to have to get up pretty early in the morning to get one over Barack who responded in kind.

Well played Mr. Presidents, well played.

Bits and bytes

  • Twitter is coming back to Google and its new search results interface is now rolling out to all logged-in users on its site, with a revised design, more emphasis on images and enhanced filtering options. I’ve not seen it yet, I’m either logged in via the mobile app or Tweetdeck…
  • According to one linguistics expert, emoji is now the fastest growing language in the UK – problem is that according to Unicode, we’re all using emoji wrong. So which one is it. I’m confused.
  • Google researchers are mining online public domain photos to create time-lapses of glaciers melting, rock walls eroding to waterfalls changing shape as streams dry up. This is truly mind-bending stuff and will help visualise the changing face of our planet due to climate change
  • Spotify Running matches bpm of the music you’re listening to to the pace you’re running at

Videos of the week

What if banner ads and MPUs on the websites you visited were actually reminders for your to do list? This genius campaign for Post Its does just that. You can try it out on Post a banner.

John Smith’s introduces us to Keith Beasley – a humble dairy farmer by day, Keith’s passion for gymnastic dance routine and extraordinary rapport with his cow Hilda make them both a formidable partnership.

Well done to Delta for pulling together an on-board safety film filled with web memes (click through to YouTube for the full list of references).

KFC in Germany (yes, we eat other meats besides pork) developed a tray-based bluetooth keyboard so diners could happily type away without greasing up their smart phone screens.

And finally

The best new Tumblr on the web: Mad Men Integrated.