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Instagram’s Hyperlapse and how brands are getting on board

Time-lapse photography has been around for a long time. It’s always been a very manual, time consuming process. Timing systems and software have made the process easier and in recent years we’ve seen more an more moving time-lapse shots, where the camera is mobile. To get that to work, you need a rig to steady the camera while it moves. Not cheap and another layer of difficulty.

Instagram have just gone and launched a free iOS app called ‘Hyperlapse‘, making moving time-lapse photography easy and accessible to anybody who can hold an iPhone. You don’t even need a tripod to hold your phone steady, the app does this for you.  Continue reading “Instagram’s Hyperlapse and how brands are getting on board”

3 weeks in and loving it, training for a half marathon and back to photography

The new job with Sainsbury’s is now three weeks old (and I am still loving it!), which also explains the relative quiet here in my personal blog. There are a ton of things that the amazing team in the press office deals with on a day in, day out basis. On top of that, we’ve had the President of South Africa visit our eco store in Greenwich, London; our CEO Justin King ran 32 miles around the UK for Sport Relief, and we’ve opened more than a dozen new stores around the UK.

Continue reading “3 weeks in and loving it, training for a half marathon and back to photography”

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