Today was my second day at Sainsbury’s. After 2 1/2 exciting and incredibly rewarding years at AOL it was time for a new challenge and the Digital Media Manager position at Sainsbury’s perfectly combines two of my passions: all things digital and public relations. I will be supporting the Corporate Affairs team led by Mark Rigby to help communicate the Sainsbury’s story through digital media channels such as blogs, Twitter, Foursquare and many more.

It’s still early days but here are some amazing facts about Sainsbury’s to give you an idea about why I am so excited about starting this new job:

  • 18,000,000 weekly customers
  • 150,000+ employees 
  • 30,000+ products 
  • 2,000+ suppliers 
  • 792 (and counting!) supermarkets and stores

You can learn more about Sainsbury’s in the 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report.

So from having mail I’m now going to try something new – and if my first two days is anything to go by, I’m going to love it!