Week 1 of Marathon training is underway.

I’ve used the Runners World 16 week, 4h Marathon training plan to put the plan below together. I was able to download the entire plan to my Garmin Forerunner 405cx using the target training paces as a guide. So all I need to do to stick to the plan is check what’s on the agenda for the day, pick the training setting on the watch and off I go. The watch will then track my distance, tell me when to switch from slower warm up sessions to speed sessions, and make sure I run in at the proper pace. The beeping noises take a bit to get used to, but after a while you don’t even need to look at the watch anymore.

I’m aiming for a sub 4 hour finish even though this is my first marathon. While the main goal will simply be to finish the 42.16 kilometre race, I’d also like to finish in under 4 hours. From previous half marathons and 10k races I think that is a reasonable goal to aim for.

Here’s hoping I can keep this up for 16 weeks!


M = miles
m = metres
easy = 6:26/km – 6:39/km
slow = 6:16/km – 6:28/km
steady = 5:35/km – 5:47/km
brisk = 5:21/km – 5:34/km
fast = 4:54/km – 5:06/km
wu/cd = warm up/cool down, 6:26/km – 6:39/km for 1M each

Week 1

Monday, 31 Jan rest
Tuesday, 1 Feb slow 3M
Wednesday, 2 Feb slow 4M
Thursday, 3 Feb steady 2M
Friday, 4 Feb rest
Saturday, 5 Feb easy 3M
Sunday, 6 Feb slow 7M

Week 2

Monday, 7 Feb rest
Tuesday, 8 Feb 2 x 1.5M fast
Wednesday, 9 Feb slow 5M
Thursday, 10 Feb brisk 2M, wu/cd
Friday, 11 Feb rest
Saturday, 12 Feb easy 4M
Sunday, 13 Feb slow 8M

Week 3

Monday, 14 Feb rest
Tuesday, 15 Feb 3 x 1M fast
Wednesday, 16 Feb slow 6M
Thursday, 17 Feb steady 3M, wu/cd
Friday, 18 Feb rest
Saturday, 19 Feb easy 4M
Sunday, 20 Feb slow 9M

Week 4

Monday, 21 Feb rest
Tuesday, 22 Feb 4 x 800m fast
Wednesday, 23 Feb slow 7M
Thursday, 24 Feb brisk 2M, wu/cd
Friday, 25 Feb rest
Saturday, 26 Feb easy 4M
Sunday, 27 Feb race 10k

Week 5

Monday, 28 Feb rest
Tuesday, 1 Mar fartlek 4M, wu/cd
Wednesday, 2 Mar slow 4M
Thursday, 3 Mar slow 5M
Friday, 4 Mar rest
Saturday, 5 Mar easy 4M or rest
Sunday, 6 Mar slow 11M

Week 6

Monday, 7 Mar rest
Tuesday, 8 Mar 8 x 400m fast
Wednesday, 9 Mar slow 6M
Thursday, 10 Mar brisk 4M, wu/cd
Friday, 11 Mar rest
Saturday, 12 Mar easy 4M
Sunday, 13 Mar slow 13M

Week 7

Monday, 14 Mar rest
Tuesday, 15 Mar hills x 9
Wednesday, 16 Mar slow 7M
Thursday, 17 Mar steady 6M
Friday, 18 Mar rest
Saturday, 19 Mar easy 4M
Sunday, 20 Mar slow 15M

Week 8

Monday, 21 Mar rest
Tuesday, 22 Mar 3 x 1M fast
Wednesday, 23 Mar slow 8M
Thursday, 24 Mar brisk 2M wu/cd
Friday, 25 Mar rest
Saturday, 26 Mar easy 3M
Sunday, 27 Mar race half marathon, 5:21/km – 5:34/km

Week 9

Monday, 28 Mar rest
Tuesday, 29 Mar 12 x 200m fast
Wednesday, 30 Mar slow 7M
Thursday, 31 Mar steady 8M
Friday, 1 Apr rest
Saturday, 2 Apr easy 4M
Sunday, 3 Apr slow 17M

Week 10

Monday, 4 Apr rest
Tuesday, 5 Apr 3 x 1.5M fast, wu/cd
Wednesday, 6 Apr slow 8M
Thursday, 7 Apr brisk 3M, wu/cd
Friday, 8 Apr rest
Saturday, 9 Apr easy 3M
Sunday, 10 Apr race half marathon, 5:21/km – 5:34/km

Week 11

Monday, 11 Apr rest
Tuesday, 12 Apr fartlek 6M, wu/cd
Wednesday, 13 Apr slow 6M
Thursday, 14 Apr steady 10M
Friday, 15 Apr rest
Saturday, 16 Apr easy 4M
Sunday, 17 Apr slow 19M

Week 12

Monday, 18 Apr rest
Tuesday, 19 Apr 3 x 1.5M fast, wu/cd
Wednesday, 20 Apr slow 8M
Thursday, 21 Apr brisk 3M, wu/cd
Friday, 22 Apr rest
Saturday, 23 Apr easy 4M
Sunday, 24 Apr slow 19M

Week 13

Monday, 25 Apr rest
Tuesday, 26 Apr 5 x 1M fast, wu/cd
Wednesday, 27 Apr slow 7M
Thursday, 28 Apr brisk 4M, wu/cd
Friday, 29 Apr rest
Saturday, 30 Apr easy 4M
Sunday, 1 May slow 22M

Week 14

Monday, 2 May rest
Tuesday, 3 May 6 x 800m fast, wu/cd
Wednesday, 4 May slow 6M
Thursday, 5 May steady 9M
Friday, 6 May rest
Saturday,7 May easy 4M
Sunday, 8 May slow 18M

Week 15

Monday, 9 May rest
Tuesday, 10 May hills x 12
Wednesday, 11 May slow 5M
Thursday, 12 May brisk 3M, wu/cd
Friday, 13 May rest
Saturday, 14 May easy 4M
Sunday, 15 May steady 12M

Week 16

Monday, 16 May rest
Tuesday, 17 May 6 x 400m at 10k
Wednesday, 18 May slow 4M
Thursday, 19 May rest
Friday, 20 May rest
Saturday, 21 May easy 2M
Sunday, 22 May MARATHON! 5:35/km – 5:47/km