My January runstreak lasted 17 days before I had to give in to particularly nasty combination of long work days and dangerously slippery walkways around my flat. I managed to pick things up again for a bit while on holiday in Philly (running with Momo is huge fun!) and I felt proud of having cracked the century mark for the first time in my years as a runner.

Running activity in January 2013
Source: Strava

What’s on the plan in February and the next few months?

I’ve joined the next three Strava running challenges: a half-marathon in Februarya 20 miler in March and a marathon in April.

Now, while I know I’ll be able to motivate myself to run a 20 miler in March, running a marathon by myself would be pushing it. So I looked around for possible runs in the UK that match the Strava challenge timings – without much luck. Searching further afield, I hit upon the jackpot. The Hamburg Marathon on April 21. Having heard nothing but good things about the course and with friends living there who’ll hopefully be kind enough to offer their couch for me to crash, it was an easy decision.

This’ll be my second marathon, and I’m looking to beat my 3:59 from Edinburgh.

So, dear friends in Hamburg – expect an email asking for a place to crash very soon.