A few photos from my ‘sight jogging’ loop through Philly yesterday, taking in the Schuylkill River Trail, Museum of Art, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Logan Circle, Love Park, City Hall, and Independence National Historical Park.

Source: runmap.me
Source: runmap.me

That’s an approximation of the route, my Garmin clocked it at 5.7 miles. Still, I managed the loop in a little under an hour, at a very chilled 10min/mile – due to stopping for photos every once in a while. Hey, it’s frickin’ hot here, alright?

A muddy Schuylkill River from the recent thunderstorms with 30th Street Station and the Cira Center in the background
The Philadelphia Museum of Art seen from Eakins Oval with the Washington Monument in the foreground
The famous Rocky footsteps atop the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (and my trusty Asics Noosa Tri 8s!). To the right, the view down Benjamin Frankin Parkway, past the Washington Monument and all the way in the distance – City Hall
The Rocky Statue at the bottom of the Rocky Steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Usually there’s a long queue of tourists waiting to stand next to ol’ Rocky and strike a pose. Not today though!
Looking down Benjamin Franklin Parkway towards City Hall. Special cheer for the flags of Germany, Philippines and Singapore. Wooo!
The Swann Memorial Fountain at Logan Circle – getting closer to City Hall.
Loving the brilliant art deco sub station
My favourite shot of the day: two kids were sploshing around in the fountain and sat down for a quick rest just as I arrived in Love Park (JFK Plaza)
In case you didn’t know why JFK Plaza is more commonly referred to as Love Park: Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture
And finally, after running towards it for a little over a mile, Philadelphia City Hall – with William Penn right at the top
Long queues of schoolkids to get into the Constitution Center. Doubt they’re telling them about Prism…
A sneaky shot of Liberty Bell – the famous crack isn’t visible from this angle through
Independence Hall, where both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were debated and adopted. The statue is of naval officer John Barry, aka the father of the American Navy

And from there, I hoofed it home up Walnut Street.

All photos were shot with iPhone 5 and run through Snapseed for some extra oomph.

Georgie did mention I’ve only captured Philly from its best side. So, if you’re looking for grittier Philly images, check out my Philly streets set.