This weekend we travelled to Neuffen, a little town near Stuttgart famous for its ruined fort on top of a mountain, appropriately named Hohenneuffen.

We’d planned a 13 mile loop, but in the end we were very happy with our 10 miler. It was just too darned hot and we didn’t want to push ourselves too hard, knowing we had a big family birthday party to come that evening.

We picked a brutally hot and humid day for our run, so the way up to the summit at around 2,500 feet was more of a hike – through Germany’s highest vineyard and some lovely trails and switchbacks through the forest.

10 miles, 2h12, 13:17 min/mile, 2,028 feet elevation gain.

The start of our climb – no shade and a steep incline for the first bit.   Once in the forest we were greeted by some lovely soft trails.   A tunnel selfie gone wrong.   The view from the summit over Neuffen.   The obligatory sweaty selfie from Hohenneuffen.   The Germans don’t mess around with signage. Even if they are in the middle of nowhere you will still see exact distance markers – to the decimal point!   Just before we decided to start our descent back into Neuffen, a view back to where we started. Not bad for a day’s work!