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Long run: Amberly to Cocking Hill along the majestic South Downs

A friend of Georgie’s suggested I run from Amberly to Cocking Hill while Georgie and her took the dogs on a walk in Cocking.


The thirteen-year-old in me giggles.


Amazing, let’s do it.

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Long run: Godalming to Old Woking

A fabulous 12 mile run along the Wey River Navigation from Godalming to Old Woking via Guildford.

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Tips for running your first marathon

An email from a friend popped into my inbox this week. He’s running the London Marathon on Sunday – his first one.

I am very nervous.

Any advice on hydration on the day? I want to try and be a zen warrior amidst the pre-race hullabaloo. Any advice on the start?

What started as a quick response quickly turned into a longer note as I thought back to a year ago when I was getting ready to lace up for 26.2 miles. I had such fun writing this and thought it might be useful to other first-time marathoners who are getting ready for tomorrow. Continue reading “Tips for running your first marathon”

My first 50k – The Chiltern Challenge

I’ve been a huge fan of The Ginger Runner and Billy Yang for a while now. Both are excellent runners as well as filmmakers and their GoPro isn’t ever too far away when they’re out for a run. A long time subscriber of their YouTube channels, I find myself eagerly looking forward to their next adventure – more often than not featuring amazing mountain scenery, glorious trails and regular guest appearances by some of the Ultrarunning elite.

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City trail: A pair of shoes & a little curiosity

For years I’ve run along the Thames Towpath between Putney and Hammersmith Bridge and I’ve never paid too much attention to little Beverly Brook that is about half way between the two bridges.

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Inspiring running documentaries: 100 and Spirit of the Marathon

I’m really excited about this film, along with the sequel to Spirit of the Marathon 2. It’s so inspiring to see runners push themselves way past the limit. The longest I’ve run is a marathon, but this little clip alone makes me just want to lace up and head out.

Sightjogging in Philly

A few photos from my ‘sight jogging’ loop through Philly yesterday, taking in the Schuylkill River Trail, Museum of Art, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Logan Circle, Love Park, City Hall, and Independence National Historical Park.

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Three hikes in the Grand Canyon

Incomprehensibly, gigantically, stunningly beautiful. I could go on.

But neither words, nor images can come close to experiencing the Grand Canyon first hand. I am just so glad I got to see it and I’m sure that I’ll be back there one day soon for some proper hiking and camping.

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9 miles on a sunny Sunday morning

7°C and sunny, with a few scattered clouds. 9 miles, 1h20m11s, 8m54s/mile – via Strava

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